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Worldwide Symposium on Geographical Indications

  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • The International Symposium on Geographical Indications is organized every other year by WIPO in cooperation with an interested Member State. It brings together representatives of Member States’ administrations, producers of GI products and specialists in the field of geographical indications. The Symposium is a forum for an exchange of ideas and views on various issues relating to the use and protection of geographical indications. The Symposium will offer insights into the technicalities of the subject as well as providing information on recent developments in this field. WIPO and the Department of Intellectual Property (DIP) of Thailand jointly organize the 2013 Worldwide Symposium on Geographical Indications, in Bangkok, Thailand, from March 27 to 29.

WIPO Arbitration Workshop

  • ARB/WK/12
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • The purpose of the Workshop is to provide intensive basic training of a practical nature for party representatives in arbitration and for arbitrators.

WIPO Regional Conference on Technology and Innovation Support

  • WIPO/IP/SIN/10
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • The aim of the Conference is to promote patent and technology information retrieval from databases to reduce the knowledge gap in developing and least-developed countries of the Asia and Pacific region, demonstrate the practical advantages of using IP information, as well as support the establishment of a regional network of technology and innovation support centers to increase the capacity to manage and use intellectual property (IP) in the countries concerned.

PCT Seminar

  • PCT/SEM/290
  • Jakarta, Indonesia