The GDA system assists copyright offices from WIPO member states to improve the efficiency of copyright registration processes through IT automation of the administration and management of registration data.

It is composed of application software, database and hardware and has been in use at copyright offices in various regions since the mid 2000s.

The configuration of the GDA system is fairly flexible and can be tailored to the specific business need of a copyright office. The standard deployment configuration is in a client-server configuration model with the GDA application running on a Windows client PC and the GDA database server running on a separate Windows server.

Main functions and characteristics

  • Multi-lingual (Spanish and English for production use; a French version is under testing);
  • Server-client configuration;
  • Browser accessible (on the client side);
  • Documentation (copyright application registration for different types of work);
  • Local database repository (creation of national copyright database repositories for authors/creators, publishers, works, etc.);
  • Search and discovery of a title, an author/creator or a combination of all these (against the local registration database);
  • File attachment of the works (in digital formats and subject to local conditions);
  • Statistical report generation;
  • Registration certificate generation;
  • Record of payment;
  • User and system administration; and
  • User access control with system functions protected at role level.

Additional features currently under testing include support of on-line registration and payment.

User training, installation and operational support of the GDA system are integral parts of the GDA system deployment regime.